LK-G982 Kids Safe Bank

Kids Personal Safe with Electronic Password Lock, Fingerprint Confirmation, and Voice Clock


Description: Keep your child's personal belongings safe with our Kids Personal Safe. It features an electronic password lock, fingerprint confirmation, and a three-time opening time query to ensure maximum security. This safe is perfect for storing personal items such as diaries and other items involving personal privacy. It also has a coin slot and banknote automatic rolling to help your child cultivate financial management skills from a young age. The voice clock and alarm clock function add to the fun and practicality of the product, making it a great birthday or holiday gift.


Product Details:


Secure Storage: Our safe is designed to provide secure storage for personal items, including those involving personal privacy.

Electronic Password Lock: The electronic password lock allows your child to set their own unique password for added security.

Fingerprint Confirmation: The fingerprint confirmation function adds an extra layer of security and makes it fun for kids to use.

Three-Time Opening Time Query: This feature helps you keep track of the last three times the safe was opened, ensuring maximum security.

Coin Slot and Banknote Automatic Rolling: These features help your child cultivate financial management skills from a young age.

Voice Clock and Alarm Clock Function: The voice clock and alarm clock function make the safe both practical and fun.

Perfect Gift: The practicality and fun of our Kids Personal Safe make it a perfect birthday or holiday gift.

Our Kids Personal Safe is designed to teach your child the importance of protecting their personal belongings and privacy. With its secure storage, electronic password lock, and fingerprint confirmation function, this safe provides peace of mind for both parents and children. The added features of the coin slot, banknote automatic rolling, voice clock, and alarm clock function make it a fun and practical way to teach your child financial management skills from a young age. Order now and give your child the gift of security and fun!