LK-G860 Handheld Electronic Chess Game

 Handheld Electronic Chess Game with 20 Levels, 100 Puzzles


Key Features:


20 levels of difficulty, suitable for beginners and pros alike

100 puzzle scenarios to improve chess skills and strategic thinking

Time tracking and auto-save function for interrupted gameplay

Touchscreen and stylus input for intuitive navigation

Backlit high-definition display for easy visibility in any lighting

Includes 4-in-a-row and checkers games for extra fun

2-player mode for on-the-go gaming with a friend

Product Description:

This Handheld Electronic Chess Game is the perfect tool for chess enthusiasts of all levels. With 20 levels of difficulty, players can choose the perfect challenge to improve their skills and strategic thinking. The game also includes 100 puzzle scenarios to sharpen their abilities and learn the most effective strategies.


The time tracking and auto-save function allows for interrupted gameplay, and the touchscreen and stylus input make navigation intuitive and user-friendly. The backlit high-definition display ensures easy visibility in any lighting, and the game includes additional 4-in-a-row and checkers games for extra fun. Plus, the 2-player mode makes it easy to enjoy the game with a friend while on the go.